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"But in the end it’s not the motive and details, nor the loving portrayal of Roten­berg’s hometown, that turns Guilty Plea into a compulsive page-turner… No, it’s the author’s defence counsel sensibility that powers his novels, his insistence that every story is intensely personal (and almost never completely revealed), the way in which his humanizing of seemingly obvious killers raises doubts in the reader at the same pace as it does for the jury.”


"Rotenberg’s second book offers a crisper narrative and faster pace. His characters’ actions and thinking are more vividly described. He has learned to master the interesting interweaving of characters’ professional and personal lives into a fascinating story-line.”

       -The Toronto Sun

"Another important definition of a good book is plot and again Mr. Rotenberg hits the right notes. The story line took me from one to clue to the next until the end where I still hadn’t guessed the culprit (I kept wondering is the main suspect really innocent after all?). The plot was intricate and with a few red herrings thrown in, it kept me speculating until the surprise finale."


"Rotenberg juggles the many plot elements with aplomb, unveiling each new surprise with care and patience.”

       -Quill & Quire

"As in Old City Hall, Rotenberg’s gift for twists and turns is always astonishing, but his true star remains the courtroom: the tension, disclosures, and machinations that drive this trial straight to its unpredictable verdict"