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"This is Rotenberg’s third Greene novel, and while the real action takes place in the courtroom – Rotenberg really knows how to build legal suspense – the search for clues is essential… With Ari on the streets and Nancy in court, this novel zips along smartly."

       -The Globe and Mail

“The added frisson of a city craving justice combined with evidence that can’t quite add up the way law enforcement and prosecutors want them to gives Rotenberg the extra storytelling juice he needs to propel Stray Bullets to its inevitable but riveting conclusion: the extended sequence of a trial. Once more, Rotenberg knows his criminal law and is intimately familiar with how the Canadian legal system works. But he never forgets that characters come first.”

       -The National Post

“It doesn’t let up, keeps amping up, by the time you have finished the book it’s like you have gotten off a runaway train plus or minus a few details.”

       -Serendipitous Readings

“As complex plot and multiple perspectives speed along in tense, gratifying fashion, Rotenberg uses his courtroom knowledge to fine effect. In fact the entire unfolding and resolution of a tragic, sadly semi-familiar, crime-and-punishment tale shows a real pro of a writer, just getting better and better.”

       -IF Press

“A legal thriller that rivals (or to my mind surpasses) anything written by Grisham. A page turner, with the reader wondering which of the tiny details mentioned could be the one that makes or breaks the case – which one will make or break the reputation or even the career track of those involved.”