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"It's clear that Old City Hall has enough hidden motives and gumshoeing to make it a hard-boiled classic."

       -The Globe and Mail

"Twenty-first-century Toronto is a complicated place, rife with the kind of paradox and contradiction that lends a city depth and complexity. It's a good setting for sinuous legal machinations to unfold, steeped in that elusively desirable literary quality we call character."

       -The Toronto Star

"The book has wowed pretty much everyone who's read it.... A finely paced, intricately written plot is matched by a kaleidoscope of the multicultural city's locales and characters."


"Rotenberg makes Toronto less a backdrop than a character in the drama….  the atmospherics, and especially Rotenberg’s affection for the city of Toronto and the involutions of the law, make this a fast-paced, appealing addition to the genre."

      -Kirkus Reviews

"What is most evident in Old City Hall is the breathing room Rotenberg gives his story. The twists and turns unfold briskly, but the author allows sufficient time to develop his cast of characters in three dimensions, rather than simply giving them a series of quirks. The generosity also augers well for future novels – with the burden of proof solely on Rotenberg to turn his initial promise into a lasting second career as a crime writer."

       -Quill & Quire

"Robert Rotenberg juggles a large cast and spins his twisty yarn efficiently…"

       -Entertainment Weekly